Thodoris Papagiannis

"Working with Georgianna for more than 10 years made apparent to me that meaningful events exist because of her: event planners pay attention to details- Georgianna scrutinizes them all, event planners set the pace- Georgianna sets the vision, event planners suggest ways to do it- Georgianna sets a strategy to achieve all the goals an event needs to accomplish.
Love the energy and vibes of this wonderful lady, love the tough professional under the gentle profile!"

Lyssandros Papatheofilou

"Georgianna is a professional Event Organizer that combines a number of hard-to-find qualities. She is extremely efficient, knowledgable, resourceful, objective-driven and at the same time has a unique sweet disposition that charms clients and co-workers alike.
It is always a pleasure to co-operate with Georgianna as we feel "safe" that the results will be above expectations and that the process of setting up the events will be smooth and fun."

Faidon Moraitopoulos

"Georgianna is a great professional and more importantly, a great personality to work with.
Looking forward to our next project together!

Zoe Fragou

"Georgianna is a rare individual: she combines professionalism with business ethics, organizational skills with creativity, severity with humor! She even achieves work - life balance to a level most people can't even dream of. She's also giving, she always shares her knowlegde with no insecurity or agenda, she works perfectly alone but prefers being a part of something bigger and believes into strengthening and developing her team members like a true leader. If business is a chaos, Georgianna is the only person in the room that always knows where the ladder is!"

Elda Malegkou

"It is really my pleasure to be colleagues with Georgianna as from the first time she had the willingness to enrich me with her valuable knowledge in the field of event management. Her personality in combination with her knowledge and experience contributes to be an excellent event manager. Her skills such as team worker, organisation, communication, passion for work and confidence make her to be outstanding at work having the potential to build an admirable career."